Health matters

INNOTHERA's portfolio of pharmaceutical products - about twenty - and its medical treatments enabled the company to cover the following main therapeutic areas.

Therapeutic indications


Venous insufficiency
Prevention of osteoporosis
Vaginal infections
Respiratory pathways infections
Minor anxiety symptoms
Anemia and iron deficiency
Antisepsy of the skin and mucosa
Local contraception
Pregnancy monitoring
Hygiene and prevention of nosocomial infections
Health connected wearable devices


Furthermore, INNOTHERA plays a major role in the field of local contraceptive methods.

The company has more than 2000 Marketing Authorizations all over the world.

Our values

Our deeply humanistic values form the basis of the identity of the laboratory. Their universality has enabled the group to face many challenges in France and abroad.

Our responsability

Socially responsible, having made the choice made in France, INNOTHERA actively participates in the economic and social development.


About us

INNOTHERA group operates in France and abroad, and distributes products in more than 100 countries.
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Innothera, une entreprise mondiale