External growth

Our growth and development strategy is also underpinned by our pursuit of opportunities with external national and international partners in order to expand and evolve our product portfolio, encompassing pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostic tests, and smart and connected health textiles, in our specialist business areas.

Constantly seeking innovation to improve quality of life for patients, INNOTHERA will also consider opportunities for partnerships in new therapeutic areas linked to everyday health.

For this reason INNOTHERA took a majority stake in CLEANIS, which specialises in hygiene and the prevention of nosocomial infections, becoming the company's sole shareholder in 2016.

In 2016, INNOTHERA signed an R&D and industrial partnership with BIOSERENITY, an innovative connected textiles start-up.

Our partnerships may take the form of an investment or a shareholding – in innovative R&D projects or start-ups – product or company acquisitions, licensing-in agreements or many other types of commercial alliances.

As an independent group, INNOTHERA has the decision-making autonomy and agility to seize these opportunities.

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    Business Development Manager

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Our values

Our deeply humanistic values form the basis of the identity of the laboratory. Their universality has enabled the group to face many challenges in France and abroad.

Our responsability

Socially responsible, having made the choice made in France, INNOTHERA actively participates in the economic and social development.


About us

INNOTHERA group operates in France and abroad, and distributes products in more than 100 countries.
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